Married in Thailand

Married in Thailand for All Nationality  


Steps for marriage registration in Thailand. 


  • Affirm a Marriage Affidavit

This can be completed at the Embassy in Bangkok with a specific fee. For those who have been divorced or widowed, original copies of divorce or death certificates are needed.

For Europe Zone the Embassy request more document as bank statement, Individual tax, Employee letter, Single certificate. etc 


  • Certify copy of passport 
  • Translate all embassy-issued documents into Thai language

The notarized affidavit should be translated into Thai language by a certified translation service.


  • All documents should be certified or legalized

Bring all the notarized affidavit and Thai translations to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have it certified, as well as have the signature of the Emassy Official authenticated.


  • Have the marriage registered

You can proceed to any district office or Amphur to have the marriage registered. An interpreter is required if neither party can speak Thai. As well as witnesses. The couple will then be provided with two copies of the Marriage Certificate in Thai language. Marriages legally performed overseas are usually recognized in Embassy and does not need additional registration.


  • Have the marriage certificate translated

If you have plans in using the marriage certificate as legal document in other countries, best to have it translated into English or your own language and notarized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the Embassy.

The Embassy is not authorized to provide or recommend translation services, but there are various translation services outside. Foreign nationals who are married to Thai nationals do not automatically acquire Thai citizenship. For Thai married visa Foreign need to apply visa at Immigration and renew visa every year.   


  •  The costs of marriage registration in Thailand. 

The cost will different of Nationality. You will need to have documents translated as well as submit it to the Thai Foreign Affairs office for verification. You will then have to take this to the Amphurs Office for registration.


  •  Processing time. 
Processing time is depend on Nationality. Normally is take around 5 working days.  
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Our Company can provide marriage registration service for foreigners who have an embassy located in Thailand only.
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